A Legacy Told by Sims: Chapter Two

06-08-19_1-42-07 PM

After having my heart broken by Mortimer Goth, I threw myself into my work even more.06-08-19_1-47-53 PM

Policing is a predominately male career field, and often times I would have colleagues come onto me. Many of them were handsome, but I was determined to be taken seriously and not have my reputation tarnished by sleeping with a loose lipped colleague.06-08-19_2-00-01 PM

I closed my first case that summer. A teenage shop lifter who frequented Magnolia Promenade was off the streets. It wasn’t exactly a shocking or crime television worthy arrest, but I was proud.06-08-19_2-01-58 PM06-08-19_2-03-35 PM

I finally gathered up the guts to confront Eva about why she had remained silent when she knew I was dating a married man. She tried to say that she just wanted to see me happy. That really didn’t make any sense though because even before I had started dating Mortimer, he was frequenting the club and she knew we were both interested in each other. She could have told me then that he was married.

I think she was trying to sabotage me.06-08-19_2-21-11 PM06-08-19_3-05-06 PM

I made a bigger arrest in fall, driven by my resentment towards Eva, and lack of hobbies outside of work. It was a murder case. It was pretty cut and dry, with only one suspect who was seen by multiple witnesses to be leaving the scene with bloodied clothes.06-08-19_2-13-15 PM

I still saw Bella Goth around town. My anger towards her turned to pity. She was clearly unhappy. I mean, how could she be happy if she was married to a cheater, and she herself was constantly hitting on the younger men at the gym.

Then I started to question why I even felt anything towards Bella – she wasn’t relevant to my life, or well being. Why was I wasting energy thinking about her and Mortimer?06-08-19_2-41-53 PM

That night I decided to make myself up and head out to a bar. I needed to start having a social life again rather than cooping myself up in my tent or working long hours daily to avoid the sting of loneliness.06-08-19_2-49-09 PM

I met a girl named Nina at the bar. Her and I went on to become bestfriends. She was fun, and carefree. When I was hanging out with her that rubbed off onto me, and I had a great time.

06-08-19_3-52-33 PM - Copy - Copy

I was also able to upgrade from my tent to a modest trailer. It wasn’t large, but it was enough for me.06-08-19_3-09-39 PM06-08-19_3-14-30 PM

In the spirit of putting myself out there, I went to the Romance Festival. I met a bartender who was around my age that insisted I had to meet his friend Valentino since I was ‘totally his type’. 06-08-19_3-18-24 PM

After his shift, we chatted for a while and set up a date. He said he would willingly be the third wheel so he could ‘admire Valentino’s jawline’. He was a hoot.06-08-19_3-48-50 PM - Copy - Copy

We all met up that Saturday for a casual outing to a bar. It was Knight Night, but thankfully neither of them had donned a costume. 06-08-19_3-46-19 PM

Valentino was extremely attractive, but I think I played off my nervousness well by nursing multiple (re: six) glasses of nectar.06-08-19_3-40-15 PM06-08-19_3-41-35 PM

Valentino and I clicked, and he invited me out the following Friday for another date. This time, he took me to the waterside for a romantic stroll and ice cream.06-08-19_6-28-56 PM - Copy - Copy06-08-19_6-30-27 PM - Copy - Copy

I finally made Sergeant. I couldn’t stop smiling when the Chief told me the news. I knew that it meant more long hours, and even more responsibility for a minimal increase in pay, but at least I was moving up the ladder.06-08-19_7-00-53 PM - Copy

Most if not all nights I would leave work stressed from my new position though.06-08-19_6-43-41 PM06-08-19_6-16-19 PM - Copy - Copy

I continued to see Valentino frequently.06-08-19_6-56-52 PM - Copy06-08-19_7-03-25 PM - Copy06-08-19_6-52-33 PM - Copy

Valentino and I spent many nights together as well at my place. Those long nights really helped me de-stress after work and unwind.06-08-19_7-11-17 PM

That is until I found out that I was pregnant. My period was a week late but I didn’t really think much of it. I attributed it to my strenuous workouts messing with my cycle.

I was a bit devastated to be honest. Here I was, just finding my bearings, creating a home for myself, and now I would have another person to worry about taking care of other than myself. I knew that this would slow down my progress in my career because I would have to take maternity leave, but I was confident it would only make my relationship with Valentino stronger.06-08-19_7-11-43 PM06-08-19_7-12-20 PM

When I told Valentino the big news, I was hopeful that he would take it well. Instead he went on and on about how he wasn’t ready to be a parent, and that he didn’t think I was either. He said that with me being so busy with my career, I shouldn’t even be raising a child right now. He then started talking about our ‘options’.06-08-19_7-20-24 PM

Valentino even bringing up me aborting the baby within two minutes of telling him that I was pregnant really upset me and put me off him.

I gave the legacy coordinator a call to let her know the news.


A Legacy Told by Sims: Chapter One

Hello to anyone who may actually take the time to read this. My name is Lucilla Legacy. Legacy by choice (formerly Moretti), but Lucilla was bestowed upon me by my doting parents. Throughout my life thus far, I have come to realize how many different pronunciations there are for Lucilla. Some say it with silent a (Lucil), with a hard ‘ch’ (Luchilla), or with a ‘sss’ (Lusilla). My family used the latter pronunciation, which shouldn’t surprise me considering I am bred from a pit of snakes who will lie, deceive, and even murder to keep their piece of the pie, their stake in the game. They’re the reason why I fled Bridgeport, in favor of the less polluted but still just as salty east coast breeze of Brindleton Bay. Now, it may seem bold of me to put this all out there (in the event that they do find me), but by the time anyone reads this, they’ll be long gone. I trust that my brothers don’t have enough moxy to do anything about it – perhaps they’ll prove me wrong.

While my involvement with the ‘family business’ doesn’t leave me feeling guilty, it still has driven me to redeem myself. What better place to redeem myself than in a small community in which I don’t know a soul. But, it isn’t just about redeeming myself. I want to start a new branch of my family tree, a far more noble, level-headed branch that will actually contribute something to simanity rather than degrading it at it’s very core.

I responded to a job advertisement, that offered a new beginning and a plot of land in exchange for my life being documented. I feel that many of the sims going into the job interview had never heard of a legacy before. I may come from a gungy family, but I am most certainly well-read. I knew full well what I was getting myself into. When the interviewer (who also apparently doubled as the entire coordinator of the legacy) tried to sell it to me as ‘the role of a lifetime’ and ‘the opportunity to found a storied family’, I kept my cool, careful not to disclose any over-excitement as I am sure many of the others had. The coordinator pitched that I wouldn’t have to do any of the writing. I would merely have to carry out a fresh start in a quiet, safe (she really emphasized just how safe Brindleton Bay is) community.

06-07-19_11-32-13 PM.png

06-07-19_11-33-02 PM.png

06-07-19_11-32-35 PM.png

I, of course, no thanks to my background, wanted more. A bigger piece of the pie. I wanted to write my own story rather than leave it up to this coordinator whom I had just met. I wanted it to be as authentic as possible. I was asked to submit some writing samples, which I gladly did, using my myriad of academic papers from college as fodder. Still somewhat apprehensive, the coordinator accepted my request.

06-07-19_11-21-12 PM.png

Within a matter of days I left my life in Bridgeport for an over-sized empty lot overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The view was beautiful, breathtaking even. The coordinator had asked about my interests in terms of careers. Hopping on the other side of the narrative appealed to me. I wanted to be the one doing the investigating rather than the one covering my tracks. The coordinator secured a spot with the San Myshuno Police Department as a Cadet.

06-07-19_10-34-39 PM.png

The training was overwhelming at first, but I found that bettering my policing skills gave me a large sense of fulfillment. When I was assigned to my station, and walked through the doors on my first day, I was beyond excited for this new chapter of my life to begin.

06-07-19_10-41-04 PM

Of course, coming home to my small shack on my over-sized ‘complimentary’ plot of land was not always the warmest welcome, but I looked forward to one day building up a modest home I could call my own. A home that would be earned through honest work. It was still lonely though…

06-07-19_10-47-16 PM

I was assigned to a station in Windenberg, but soon found that my work would span all around the county. Luckily, one of the cadets in my squad, Eva, ended up at my station.

06-07-19_10-47-45 PM06-07-19_11-11-28 PM

Most of the work I did to start was mainly to assist the detectives in the office, and issue citations. I was their boot, and was tasked with gathering evidence for them at the few crime scenes I was allowed to attend. When I wasn’t on a scene, I was doing grunt work, frisking suspects, taking their fingerprints, and their mug shots.

06-07-19_11-02-20 PM

Eva and I had hit it off during training, and to cool down after work we’d frequent Narwhal Arms, a club nearby the station. Much of Eva’s chatter was superficial chatter, which I should have seen as a warning sign.

06-07-19_11-04-59 PM

A middle aged man named Mortimer Goth frequented this club. I caught him stealing glances at me many times before I finally approached him.

06-07-19_11-03-07 PM06-07-19_11-07-07 PM

He was charming, and seemed very mature. Him and I got along great, and I thought of him as an intellectual. I was smitten by him. Eva remained oddly silent.

06-07-19_11-36-59 PM06-07-19_11-37-38 PM

He asked me out on a date for Love Day. When he came to pick me up from my lot though, he seemed a bit paranoid, and preoccupied with his phone.

06-07-19_11-40-30 PM

Once we got to the lounge though (which was very fancy and exclusive), all of his attention was on me.

06-07-19_11-40-51 PM

I convinced him to try the bubble blower, but he nearly coughed up a lung.

06-07-19_11-41-31 PM

The date went amazing. I hadn’t felt like this about someone since my high school days. I had avoided dating for the most part due to my family always nosing into my business, but now that I was out on my own, I felt I needed a fresh start.

06-07-19_10-57-53 PM

The next day at work, I gushed to Eva about how the date had gone. She looked like she was biting her tongue and holding something back. I pressed further and she told me that she thought he was married. She went on to tell me that his family has deep roots in the area, and that his wife was notoriously beautiful but had a wandering eye.

06-07-19_11-45-20 PM

Eva gave me his address in Willow Creek. I looked up at the large, imposing old home, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. It was a young child who answered the door. I could hear a young woman from the other room asking him who it was. I knew right away, just from looking at the child that he must be Mortimer’s son. I walked right past him (in my defense, I didn’t have to force my way in, the child stood aside) and made my way upstairs. From behind the door I could inconspicuous noises.

06-07-19_11-46-31 PM

My jaw dropped when I walked in. There was Mortimer’s wife, Bella, on his lap. They were mid-embrace.

06-07-19_11-46-57 PM06-07-19_11-47-39 PM

I nearly broke down into tears.

06-07-19_11-48-25 PM

I then composed myself and confronted the cheater. Bella took one look at me and assumed I was below her, brushing me off.

06-07-19_11-48-55 PM.png

Mortimer tried to claim that he had never hidden the fact that he was married, and that we had just been ‘having fun’.

06-07-19_11-51-32 PM.png

I was heartbroken, but even more-so I was angry. I fought the urge to kick their trash can as I stomped out of the home. I vowed to never let myself develop feelings for anyone ever again.

The Corbett Legacy: Chapter 1.2

01-05-19_8-42-35 PM

Hello everyone and welcome back to my legacy! It has been well over a month since I published a chapter. Unfortunately I got super busy with work, and didn’t have much time to play The Sims. But I am back with the next installment! Also, thank you to those who left kind comments on my story, both on WordPress and Boolprop. They made me smile and I appreciate them.

When we left off, Samuel got engaged to Cassandra Goth after she aged into a Young Adult. He also completed the Novelist creativity aspiration. Things were going well for Samuel, and he was no longer living in a hut having made a decent sum of money off of book royalties.

“Ahh, the sweet smell of success.”

Yeah, and you have me to thank. After all of your rude comments about my Sims playing in the last chapter you’re lucky I didn’t just abandon your save file in my hard drive.01-05-19_9-03-38 PM

To get started on Cassandra’s aspiration, I decided to have the two finally get married. They threw a small backyard wedding.01-05-19_9-04-10 PM01-05-19_9-04-48 PM01-05-19_9-05-03 PM

Please, admire my lovely photography (not). At least I didn’t capture any Plumbob’s.01-05-19_9-08-28 PM

Of course, good old Father Christmas (Father Winter?) was invited to the nuptials and happily attended. He was one of three guests (including the caterer).

“Of course my wedding had to be an exclusive event. I’m a Goth afterall!” ~ Cassandra

More like your only friend is your mother and she didn’t even show up. Take a look at your groom’s table etiquette – and your’s! Using your cellphone at the dinner table, pish posh.01-05-19_9-11-02 PM

Cassandra nearly had her revenge on Samuel for throwing such a tiny, non-exclusive wedding by jabbing a fork into the roof of his mouth.

“My eyes were closed, and I stopped as soon as I scraped his teeth! Now you’re just typecasting me. I knew I never should have agreed to join a legacy family.” ~ Cassandra01-05-19_9-26-17 PM


Rather than completing the tech. aspiration next, I had Samuel complete the Painting one instead. He now has two creativity aspirations completed under his belt.01-05-19_9-40-06 PM

With his constant painting/selling writing/publishing cycle, Samuel managed to garner quite a bit of fame, and yet he still chose to dress like a lumberjack.

“Like I even have any say in what I’ll wear! You literally pressed the randomize button in Create a Sim and left it at that. I had to wear glow sticks to my wife’s birthday party.”

The glow sticks clearly made a good impression though, the two of you did end up getting married!01-05-19_9-57-59 PM

For about a week the couple lived off of their wedding cake’s leftovers. During this time Cassandra got pregnant with the next generation heir. I also decided she would pursue the Renaissance Sim aspiration.01-06-19_12-53-58 AM

I decided to reward the family with something to eat other than leftover wedding cake. Even still, their walls remain unpainted. 01-06-19_1-03-21 AM

I didn’t take many (any) photos of Cassandra’s pregnancy other than the one above to save you all from boredom. Cassandra mainly skilled, and had a pouty face.01-06-19_1-01-56 AM

During Cassandra’s delivery, Samuel panicked outside the door. Maybe he was afraid that if he interfered Cassandra may go through with her fork stabbing guised as ‘cute’ masterplan.01-06-19_1-04-12 AM

Cassandra gave birth to a baby girl named Belinda after Bella Goth.01-06-19_1-30-02 AM

In between changing diapers, rocking, cooing at, and feeding Belinda, the two spent most of their time skilling. Samuel is now working on the Nerd Brain aspiration, while Cassandra is still grinding away at the Renaissance Sim aspiration, which I am finding to be much more difficult.01-06-19_1-31-54 AM

I forgot it was Belinda’s birthday and she aged up into a toddler. She has her father’s orange hair and blue eyes. It’s hard to tell who’s facial features she has right now though.02-28-19_9-31-47 PMOne of the rare times I had Samuel take a break from skilling to interact with Belinda. Her attention need was always low throughout her toddlerhood.

02-28-19_10-13-40 PM02-28-19_10-13-52 PM

Samuel completed all of the mood paintings. If you look closely enough you can see Cassandra actually smiling at the piano…02-28-19_10-18-28 PM

Cassandra found out she was pregnant with the legacy couple’s second child a few days before Belinda was due to transition into toddler-hood. I am not looking forward to taking care of another toddler.

“That’s why I’m smiling, because I know how much it annoys you.”

If you’re not careful Cassandra I may just invite Ulrike over to ‘stand in’ for you while you take a swim in a walled in pool.

An abrupt ending, I know. Most of these screenshots were taken a month ago so I feel a bit out of touch with what was happening in them. In the following chapters I will be sure to write them up right away rather than leaving it off for a month.

Points earned during this chapter:

Nature – Collect all mood paintings – 1 point

Creativity – Have a sim complete 2 creativity aspirations – 1 point

Knowledge – 3 skills reaching max level – 1 point

Athletic – 2 aspirations completed – 2 points

Points in earned in previous chapter:

Extreme start – 1 point

Total: 5/100 points

Thank you all for reading and take care!



The Corbett Legacy: Chapter 1.1

01-01-19_6-02-13 pmHello all and welcome to my Sims 4 Legacy! I have always struggled to stick with legacies, but now that I have collected most of the Sims 4 DLC I anticipate there will be tons to do to keep myself interested. This legacy will be scored as well to give myself more objective. At the end of each chapter, I will be tallying up whatever the score is at that point.

This is the Corbett legacy’s founder, Samuel Corbett. He loves the outdoors, and is creative as well as a geek. His first lifetime wish is to be a novelist. Later on he will likely do the tech/video game lifetime wish, or perhaps the painting one.

“Where is the homestead I was promised before I agreed to taking on this role?”

It’ll come in due time Samuel. Just be patient. Verrrrrry patient.01-01-19_6-05-04 pmI decided to to an extreme start in Brindleton Bay, so Samuel spent alot of his first day digging and hitting rocks. Since he’s a geek, he enjoyed ‘collecting’ the knick knacks he found, despite having to sell them right after.

“I presume while I am doing all this you’re building my homestead?”

Uh, yeah sure Samuel. Just keep digging.01-01-19_6-14-11 pmSince I went with the extreme start, the legacy had to start in the winter time. This led to Samuel spending alot of time in the library to keep warm. He joined the author career track, so he spent alot of time reading for his daily task.01-01-19_6-24-51 pmWith not much to do after having dug up all the available areas around his lot, I decided to have him start working on his writing skill.01-01-19_6-27-13 pmAfter his first day at work, and first promotion, Samuel had enough money to buy the knight armor sculpture before the first set of bills came in.

“I’m just a bit confused, why did I buy this? It’s useless, I really could use a plethora of other things. I don’t even get to view it?”

No, those are the rules. Now quit complaining when you’re on the verge of turning blue from the cold.01-01-19_6-29-29 pmSamuel literally lived in the library, slumming it on an ottoman to sleep. Notice the red plumbob…01-01-19_6-45-54 pmHe managed to stay in somewhat good spirits though, as he secured another promotion before heading straight back to the library for shelter, skilling, and some much needed need replenishment.01-01-19_6-50-05 pmFather Winter also made an appearance on gift giving day.

“Oh Father Winter, you remembered to come visit me at the Library!”

“Why of course I did, it’s where alot of the Legacy sims who are controlled by crappy players seem to hangout.”01-01-19_6-50-54 pmHe gave Samuel a cheap gift that was promptly sold. Samuel didn’t mind though, and still got a positive moodlet from having a successful holiday.01-01-19_6-53-03 pmOnce Samuel’s writing skill was high enough, he was able to begin selling all the books he had been stock piling to a publisher. In the long run I figured this would be better than self publishing, despite the prolonged poverty it induced.01-01-19_6-59-43 pmAfter a couple days of getting book royalties, Samuel was able to afford a tiny cabin. Since painting raised his fun, I used that to supplement his income.01-01-19_7-24-18 pmSince he had only been really grinding away and skilling for the past week, I decided to give Samuel a break and send him to the Romance Festival in the city. It was also an opportunity to scope out potential spouses.

“I’m not sure if I should trust this tea, are you sure it’s not spiked?”

That’s the whole point of the romance festival, now shutup and drink it!01-01-19_7-25-41 pmSamuel and Cassandra Goth hit it off, but she was only a teen he friend zoned her.01-01-19_7-45-53 pmShe also had the gloomy trait, so she was perpetually down whenever Samuel invited her over to raise his social bar. 01-01-19_7-52-36 pm“Are you really going to risk me getting electrocuted just to save a hundred simoleons?”

Hey, Sims don’t die (as far as I know) the first time they’re electrocuted anymore. Plus, you’re a smart guy, you’ll figure out how to jab that screwdriver onto that motherboard properly and fix it.

“As far as you know?! I really hope I get electrocuted and DIE just to ruin your whole legacy.”01-01-19_10-03-08 pmTo raise Samuel’s spirits, I sent him out on a date with Ulrike Faust, another Sim he met at the Romance festival.

“At last, I can see the sunlight after being cooped up in that shack for days writing and painting.”

You’ll thank me when you’re living in a cushy moderately sized house, Samuel. Now get back to raising your social bar!01-01-19_10-16-41 pmThe date went so well the two began dating the next day. 01-01-19_10-18-22 pm

Ulrike ended up being a creative sim as well, so she would often use the easel and produce paintings be could in turn sell.c2f8781012618e999640cea0ecc7a7ac            But then, Samuel got invited to Cassandra’s birthday party. I had never been invited to one of these events before (are they new?), but since the two had hit it off so well as friends I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go and see if anything advanced from there with her as a Young Adult.01-01-19_10-30-44 pmAre you really going to keep your sunglasses on inside, and even worse wear glowsticks around your neck?

“I’m ill-prepared! You know you never let me attend social events, these glowsticks are the only accessories I own. I also know that you’re sitting behind that screen with pajamas on.”

Touche, touche.01-01-19_10-31-13 pmWith Cassandra having transitioned into a Young Adult, Samuel developed an interest in her as soon as the sparkles cleared.01-01-19_10-32-35 pmThe two flirted all evening, infront of Cassandra’s family nonetheless.01-01-19_10-33-17 pmThings advanced quickly due to them already having a high friendship level.01-01-19_10-34-05 pm“Oh Cassandra, when you emerged from those sparkles I suddenly saw a whole new, fully matured woman. Despite you still wearing the same outfit and school girl pig tails.”01-01-19_10-43-55 pmBut, Samuel already had a girlfriend, Ulrike. He invited her over and dumped her on the spot. Harsh, but we need to get onto tackling his future spouse’s lifetime wish.01-01-19_10-44-24 pm“It’s not me Ulrike, and it’s not you. It’s Cookie in the sky.”

“Who the hell are you talking about? You need to get your head out of your books and stop speaking in poems.”

“You wouldn’t understand anyways.”01-01-19_10-54-01 pmI gave Cassandra a makeover to help her look more polished and mature. She also grew up with the snob trait, so this new style definitely suits her better.0e8e71486bcb7f78f32f0fc0537576ce

Samuel also managed to complete his aspiration (or lifetime wish as I’ve been wrongly calling it). Now he’ll move onto the Computer Whiz aspiration.01-01-19_11-14-10 pmCassandra, the gloomy, creative snob that she is, always had this ridiculous pout on her face whenever she came over to visit.

“Don’t talk about my Cassandra that way! I don’t blame her, my walls aren’t even painted, and my house is half furnished.”01-01-19_11-16-31 pmSamuel rolled the whim to get engaged to Cassandra, so he took her into the most furnished room in the house and popped the question. She surprisingly, despite her incessantly pouty demeanor, said yes.01-01-19_11-21-15 pmThis is where I’ll end this chapter. So far the score is:

Athletic – 1 point for completing an aspiration.

Extreme Start – 1 point.

Eventually I will start using a spreadsheet to keep track, probably once the second generation rolls around. Thank you all for reading, and happy New Year!